Kevin Brewerton

World  Champion, Artist, Author, 

Based:  Los Angeles

A World Champion Artist. (a brief history)

Kevin Brewerton, born in Newcastle, United Kingdom, is an actor, writer, director, and an abstract expressionist on and off the canvas. Before transitioning to visual art, Kevin made a name for himself in the sport of Kickboxing by winning five-world championships. In a number of ways his artwork embodies the passion and self-expression in which he irrefutably displayed as a fighter. This can be seen infused in his art work. 

Following his fighting career, Brewerton moved to Los Angeles, in the late 90's, working in the health and fitness industry and teaching martial arts, while pursuing a career as an actor, which eventually formed into the shape of becoming a multi faceted artist. Brewerton’s influences have been from various sources. However it was his time-spent training under the famed director and visual artist, Milton Katselas, where his foundation of art was formed. “Katselas taught me a lot of things. I learned that it takes as much courage to be an artist than it does to be a fighter. The artist is a warrior.”


 "To be an artist is to reinvent yourself while creating art, whether it's martial arts,  painting, acting, or writing books. "


2010 - present
2010 - present